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We provide consultation which will help you to select, build or move to your dream home with peace of mind.

 We discuss Hindu way of living, astrology & vastu poojas, vrut and everything related to vedic life, We are committed to provide you guidance with our expertise in VASTU consultation, Horoscope reading and options for offering Poojas and Havan.



Vastu Consultation for New Home

Our vastu Analysis report is now available for your House at just 1500 Rs BUY NOW and send us your Floor plans to get our feedback on whether you should finalize the Home or not, if you already purchased or staying in a house and want us to analyze? send us complete floor plans to get the vastu complaince report.

Which direction should be main door fixed? Where should be the master bedroom? Which color is good for me? is South-West facing doors are always Bad? Get Answers by our experts.

(Vastu for Home answer by email )

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Editor's Note:

1.ARVIND KEJRIWAL HOROSCOPE AN ANALYSIS even if AAP wins 70 out of 70 in Delhi Mr.Kejriwal can not stick to CM chair for long! - After my first glance at the horoscope of Mr.Kejriwal it is pretty clear that he will be ditched by partner-alliance shortly as he may have to face conspiracy within. further detailed analysis will be published shortly. (Prediction Came True. you can refer to my article published online on 24th December 2013)

2.MANGALYAAN As predicted earlier it was successful Manglyaan launch by ISRO on 5th November 2013 from Sri Harikota launch pad. I would like to take this event for further astrological analysis for launch, post launch fate of the mission and out come of this launch in coming days.

Trouble in Orbit entry : Our Prediction, Background and Fate of the mission an astrological analysis!

Let us take the time of the event and the planets influencing this activity during launch day, orbit upgradation and orbit entry into the Mars. here we need to consider the rocket as a body and launch time will be used for generating chart. so in this case we are going with launch time 2.38 PM at Harikota. so basic data gathered from 5th November 2013, 2.38 PM, Place: Harikota (AP, India). Read further






Probably most probed topic in my consultation services. I used to handle these issues with utmost care and confidentiality as this topic is deeply linked to one's emotions and question of life I would say. most of the time I get calls / emails asking for matchmaking requests but it turned out to be question on whether I get married to the girl/guy whom i love? Chances of love marriage, compatibility and remedies!

I used to check horoscopes to best of my experience and used to give remedies based on my readings. sometime I get calls in very late situation like marriage is fixed with someone else and need to know the chances to get back the love! I used to handle all these issues very easily because Horoscopes will helps you to understand the person easily and completely with experience i started understanding the issue and remedies which is helping many people to overcome their depression and anxiety in life.



Book PanditJi for Any vedic Puja at Home (Currently in Bangalore). We will arrange suitable Panditji with flexible options.


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